New Resources Added – Maharal, Emanuel Tov, Script from Qumran Tfillin

We have recently updated our Resource page!

Under Guides, Diagrams, etc. you will find:

  • Samples of Different Torah scripts, to see how the “crowns” of the letters are done
  • Picture of tfillin scrolls from the Qumran caves, with accompanying readable transcription.  Notice how simple the script is, and the absence of the crowns.


Under Articles and Annotated Source Sheets, you will find:

  • Maharal miPrague’s commentary on the aggadot of mesekhet Menachot, from his Chidushei Aggadot. There are many aggadot coming up in the daf, and the Maharal’s commentary is always challenging and insightful.
  • An article “The Content and Order of the Scriptural Passages in Tfillin,” by Yonatan Adler, published in “Halakha in Light of Epigraphy.” This article reexamines the Rabbinic guidelines based on the evidence from the Qumran and Judean Desert tfillin.
  • Emanuel Tov’s,  “The Copying of the Biblical Scroll,” which also examines Rabbinic traditions in light of the evidence of scrolls from the Second Temple period.



About Rabbi Dov Linzer

Rabbi Dov Linzer is the Rosh HaYeshiva and Dean of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, a groundbreaking Orthodox smicha program. Rabbi Linzer spearheaded the development of YCT to create an innovative four year smicha program which provides its students with rigorous talmud Torah and halakhic study and sophisticated professional training in the context of a religious atmosphere which cultivates openness and inclusiveness. Rabbi Linzer has published Halakha and machshava articles in Torah journals and lectures widely at synagogues and conferences on topics relating to Halakha, Orthodoxy, and modernity. He is most recently the awardee of the prestigious Avi Chai Fellowship.
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