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Vilna Shas Guides, Diagrams, Maps Primary Sources Articles

Vilna Shas
Sanhedrin Makkot Shavuot Avoda Zara
Horiyot Zevachim Menachot Chullin

Pictorial Guides, Diagrams, Maps
Earthenware Vessels from the Talmudic Period – Kupach, Kirah and Tanur – Brand Samples of different Torah scripts Tfillin scrolls from the Qumran caves, with facing transcription
Menorah Diagrams Mincha Pictorial Guide Olah Pictorial Guide Mikdash Diagram

Primary Sources
Sources on Leaven on the Altar Shut Bnei Banim 4:1 – Shelo Asani Isha – with English translation Order of Parshiyot – Rambam, Raavad, God and the Angels

Maharal – Chidushei Agadot – Menachot

Previous Primary Sources

Zevin – Light or Fire? – Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel Zevin – The Philosophies of Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel Tfillin in light of Qumran – Adler Tefillin from Qumran – Yigal Yadin
HHistory of Two Types of Tfillin – Granat – Sidra 8 Rashi and RT – Overview Tfillin – Israel, Torah and God are One – Nagen Etymology of Totafot – Rand

Previous Articles


3 Responses to Resources

  1. Zmira Cohen says:

    I find these additional sources so helpful. Please continue extracting such data for your ‘virtual students’ like myself, who do not have access to them ,without guidance

  2. It’s my pleasure. Please let me know if there are any resources not currently posted that could be helpful.

  3. Mayer Rosenberg says:

    I Love the pictorial guide. One comment cab we get a bettter PDF version of the Vilna shas, Its kinda hard to read on current one, If you wanna stick in the pdf from they hav a very clear copy of the Vilna Shas

    Thanks for al your work behind the scenes, I know its not easy

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