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Kohanim becoming Tamei Nowadays – What’s the Story?

Chag Samayach to all on Israel’s 63rd Birthday! In Sunday’s post, we looked at the topic of מחמיץ אחר מחמיץ, and the general question of when the Torah is prohibiting certain actions regardless of their outcome, and when, in contrast, … Continue reading

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Halachah, History and Doggie Bags in the Last Perek of Zevachim

We welcome the following post from Alan Gersch.   Readers are encouraged to submit guest posts or to become regular contributors.  Please contact Rabbi Dov Linzer, if you are interested. The last perek of Masechet Zevachim, and the last sugya, provide some … Continue reading

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Siyyum on Zevachim – Action and Thought in Korbanot

This Thursday the daf yomi finished mesekhet Zevachim and on Friday we began mesekhet Menachot.  For those who have been with the daf throughout Zevachim, Thursday marked a significant milestone – the completion of one of the largest mesekhtot, and one … Continue reading

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