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Kohanim becoming Tamei Nowadays – What’s the Story?

Chag Samayach to all on Israel’s 63rd Birthday! In Sunday’s post, we looked at the topic of מחמיץ אחר מחמיץ, and the general question of when the Torah is prohibiting certain actions regardless of their outcome, and when, in contrast, … Continue reading

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Chametz after Chametz – Is it the Journey or the Destination?

Recent sugyot have been exploring the question of what happens when an prohibited act is done to a person, animal, or object that is already, in some way, damaged or unfit.  In today’s daf (Menachot 60a), the Gemara addressed the … Continue reading

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Menachot 26 – Is Burning the Kometz like Putting Blood on the Altar?

The kometz of the mincha plays an analogous role to the blood of animal sacrifices, insofar as both serve as matirs, that is, through the placing/throwing of the blood and the burning of the kometz, the korban and mincha are … Continue reading

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